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Please log into, if the game was marked complete, or started and interrupted, then at the top of the screen you will see an "Existing Entry" option. Click on this and the game should be listed. Click once on the game and you should be able to make changes/updates.

The App now allows users to edit existing games. When logged in the user will click on the "Existing Entries" icon at the top of the screen (upper-right corner) and they should be able to access the games from here.

Simply click on the games to edit!

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Please contact your Athletic Department to gain access to your school. They are able to assign you to your school with the correct permissions. Also, let them know which username you are using, so they add the right account to their school and/or team.

You can then log back into your account and take the exam.

To take the exam:

Please go to Menu > Account & Personal > Your Exams > click on the exam from here, or if you do not see the exam click on the “Find Exam” icon to search for your exam. You should see the exam listed here. Click once on the exam and then click "Accept" at the bottom of the screen. At this point you've claimed the exam and can take it when ready.

I hope this helps, thank you for your time.

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Good afternoon. Please refer to the following article for step-by-step instructions on how to handle a Suspended game.

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Hey Sandra,

You can pull a report for this by going to Menu>Your School>Reports>Eligibility Report.

You can also pull one from your team pages under "Reports".

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Good afternoon.

From the team page>roster>under the "Basic" tab you will see "Jersey No.">double click in this box for each student to add the Jersey Number.

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The Principal will need to log-in under their account to upload a signature and/or give any Authorized Signee access to sign for them.  

Once your Principal is logged in, please go to: 

Menu> Account & Personal>Your Account>Signature>Manage Signees

Next, search for the username that your Principal wishes to give access as an Authorized Signee, click on it once and then check the box for "Authorized Signee" to the right and "Save". 

Any user denoted as an Authorized Signee will be able to sign for your Principal once this is complete. 


That is the "ID Number" field!


Click "Menu"

Hover over your school

Hover over "Documents & Filing"

Click on "Filing System"

Double click on "System Cabinet"

Click on "Unfiled Documents"

You will see all of the forms you have accessed. Double click on the form you are looking for to view it.

Thank you for your time!