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Hey Sharon!

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To add a venue; go to Menu>{Your School}> Event Management>Venues. From here you can add/edit/remove your “home” venues.

If you do not have access to Event Management, please contact your Athletic Department and request that they add the Venue from their account!

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Good afternoon. 
Your Athletic Department can give you this permission under School Users & Staff. The permission title reads "Documents & Filing". Once given this permission you can access this area by going to Menu> Documents & Filing.>Document Search.

Please contact your Athletic Department regarding this, as they will be able to add it for you or fill out the form.

I hope this helps, thank you for your time!

-Megan ​


Good afternoon!

Please go to Menu>Content Management>Site Management​>click once on ‘Your School Name’ to highlight it>Pages (to the right)>Welcome>Edit Content>scroll down to the Slideshow Widget and then click on the edit icon (next to the "x" button).

You can add and remove photos here. Be sure to Save when complete!

I've included a link to a help article below.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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