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Green Menu, Account and Personal, Your Exams, and then click on Find Exam Icon.  You must be marked in C2C School Users and Staff as the Head Coach under the Team Permission tab. Thank you

There is no longer a need for OPCR/PCR through C2C or a test to take. Thanks

We recommend using Game Changer, but do not mandate it.  However you track pitches, as long as a hard copy of the report is available to our office when asked for, will be fine.  Thanks
We are not using the C2C pitch count this season. Schools are asked to use Game Changer for pitch count.  Please read the Baseball Sports Book found at: for more information. Thanks

Has your school clicked in C2C Team Permissions that your are the ECO?  You may need to contact your local school and make sure they have done this.  Once you click the Find Exam ICON you should see the exam. Thanks

Go to your Green Menu, Account and Personal, Your Exams and Click on the Find Exam ICON.  Thanks

Go to Green Menu, Your team and then Add Game to add each home contest.  Thanks

What school are you at and what sport? Thank you

Varsity exams do not open until Oct. 15, 2018 in C2C.

What school are you at and what is your C2C username that you use to log in. Thanks