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Where are they not showing up?

Remove them again and they should not show up tomorrow. Thank you

Highlight the student and at the bottom left hit the Remove Icon. Make sure you un-mark them as an athlete in INOW as well. 

From your team roster or Manage Athlete?

Once you are given head coach team permissions in C2C click the Green Menu, Account and Personal, Your Exams and Find Exams. You should see the baseball rules test. 

You must give a coach Head coaching team permissions and then when they log in they go to their account and personal and your exams and click on Find Exam icon.

There is no way currently to see birthdays for students unless you are an admin for that school.

Green Menu, Account and Personal, Your Exams, and then click on Find Exam Icon.  You must be marked in C2C School Users and Staff as the Head Coach under the Team Permission tab. Thank you