Site Pages

Accessing this Interface


From the 'Edit Site' portion of the Manage Group Sites interface, select the 'Pages' option.

Interface Overview

The Site Pages interface is where you will add new pages to your website, or edit existing site pages.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add a New Page

A Couple of Notes...


  1. The 'Page Title' and 'Subtitle' do not have to be displayed. Change these settings in the Site Settings interface.
  2. Select the 'Default Site Page' box to make this the landing page for your site. Only one page can be the 'default' site page.

Edit/Add Content to a Page

Edit Content - Select the 'Edit Content' option to access the Content Management interface and manage page content.

Breadcrumbs - Select the 'Breadcrumbs' option to access the Manage Breadcrumbs interface.

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