Send Money

Accessing this Interface

From the Account Summary interface, select the 'Send Money' icon.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to send money from your account to another individual's or organization's account.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Interface Option Details

Send To (Required)

Use this drop-down to select whether the payee will be an individual or an organization.

Payee (Required)

Select an individual or association to pay here. Select the magnifying glass icon to access the User Search interface (for individuals) or the Choose a Group interface (for organizations) to search for and select your desired individual or group.

Amount To Send (Required)

Select an amount to send.

Backup Funding Source (Required)

Use this drop-down to select a backup funding source from which the funds will be transferred. Set up additional accounts in the External Accounts interface.

Memo (Optional)

Assign a memo to the transaction here.

Processing Fee Distribution

Use this slider to assign a percentage of any applicable transaction fees to the payer or payee.

Transaction Details

View transaction details here.

Send Money

Select the 'Send Money' option to attempt the transaction.

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