Report Result

Accessing this Interface

From the Manage Game interface, select the 'Report Result' icon.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to enter competition results.

Video Walkthrough

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Competition Status

A Note on Event Postponement/Rescheduling


In order to update the date the competition will be postponed/rescheduled to, adjust the appropriate values in the Basic tab of the Manage Game interface. Once the competition has taken place, simply update the competition status from 'Postponed/Rescheduled' to 'Completed As Expected' or other appropriate option.

Enter Results



Each sport will have a different Report Result entry interface based on how scoring is done for that sport. Period/quarter/inning/match scores can be entered and the final score will automatically be computed. If the period/quarter/inning/ match scores are not available, the final score alone is acceptable. Once the final score is correct, click “Save & Close” at the bottom.

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