Manage Poll Questions

Accessing this Interface

From the 'Edit Poll' portion of the Manage Polls interface, select the 'Edit Questions' icon.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to create or edit the content for a poll.

Video Walkthrough

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add Poll Questions



Use the duplicate icon to handle multiple similar questions efficiently.

  1. Select a question that will be similar to other poll questions. This will expand the 'Edit Question' portion of the Manage Poll Questions interface.
  2. Notice that the 'Edit Question' section of the interface has changed to 'Add Question', but all of your existing question data remains unchanged. Now you can simply make changes to that question and save it as a new question without having to go through the entire process of re-writing the entire question. (This is really helpful if you have pre-determined answer options that need to be repeated with each iteration of the question.)

You're Done Creating Your Poll Content! Easy, Right?

Click 'Close' once you are happy with your poll to return to the Manage Polls interface where you will be able to send your poll to a constituent group of your choice.

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