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This article defines an element available in the Form Designer. See that interface article for more info.

How The Element Appears In The Designer

Customizing the Page Break Element

So, here we have a really cool feature that could really increase the complexity of your forms and increase your user's satisfaction by allowing your form to show only what you want it too based on some action.

Let's say you have a form that takes information from a user based on their position. You could make separate forms, one for coach, one for teacher, one for student. Or, you could just make the one form with pages for each type of user.

On the first page, ask the user what position they hold with a radio button or dropdown field. Then insert a page break and add a rule that forwards the user to the correct next page based on job type.

Let's try to walk through this with a pointless but simple demonstration.


Step 1 - Make a simple form with four pages. One will get a user type through the use of a dropdown. The rest will simply have a header naming the page type.

DropDown Settings Preview



Step 2 - Assign appropriate rules to the first page break to navigate your user to the appropriate page.

Page Break Settings Preview

Step 3 - Assign appropriate rules to your 'landing' pages so your user will be navigated to the appropriate 'next' page. In this case, the success page.

So, basically, we have just designed a smart form that will take our users to the appropriate page based on input from them. Imagine the possibilities!

Form Preview Overview With Settings

Page 1 - User Type Request

User selects a type from dropdown, in this case; Teacher.

The result is...

And case 'Coach':

And 'Student':

We have successfully merged three potentially separate forms into one with a little logic. Isn't that fantastic?!?

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