Community Listings

Accessing this Interface

  1. Menu > Account & Personal > Community Listings
  2. From the desktop, double-click the 'Community Listings' icon.
  3. From the Welcome interface, select the 'Community Listings' icon.

Interface Overview

The Community Listings interface, put simply, is just that; Community Listings. This is an area in which you can create listings for things you need, want, or have and don't need. The great thing about this community is that it is your community. A group of folks who deal with things important to the people who deal with athletic management and all the things that come with it. The possibilities are endless...

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access the interface.

The Community Listings interface utilizes several tabs that you will use to interact with the interface. Learn about each of those below.

First Things First - Tell Us Where You Are

The first thing you need to do when accessing this interface is to let the system know about your location. This will allow the system to offer you posts and items near you.

There are a few options you can leverage to give us your location data.

Enter a Zip Code

Automatic Location Detection

If you choose to have your location automatically detected, you will need to allow us some permissions to collect that information.

Give Us Permissions

(View from Chrome Browser alert at top of window)

(View from Internet Explorer at bottom of window)

(View from Mozilla Firefox at top of window)

Click the Map

This map is interactive. You can 'grab' it and move it around, zoom in and out, and 'click' the map to place a marker denoting your location.

Click 'Accept'

Create Some Listings

The only way to have an awesome community is by member participation. So go create some listings! Select the 'Create New Listing' option to access the Create New Listing interface and create a new listing.

Manage Listings

Select the 'Manage Community Listings' option to access the Manage Community Listings interface and manage existing listings.

Manage Replies

How to Reply to a Listing

From the Welcome interface

You have to first reply to a listing in order to manage those. Find out how to do that below.

Find a listing you wish to reply too.



In this example I've used a generalUser account (created for demo purposes) to access and reply to a listing from the Welcome interface.

Click the listing to access the View Listing interface and interact with that posting.

Read the View Listing interface article learn how to 'reply to' and otherwise interact with a listing.

From the Community Listings interface

Select the 'My Replies' option to view a list of listings to which you have replied. These are listing you find from browsing, searching, and the welcome screen in which you have taken an interest and replied too. In the interest of this help article, I have used a test account (username = generalUser) to reply to the demo listing created in the Create New Listing interface article.

Read the View Listing interface article learn how to 'reply to' and otherwise interact with a listing.

Browsing Listings - The 'Category' Tab

Not sure what you are looking for? Start by browsing the categories tab.

Use options on the left of this interface to filter through search results. Alternatively, use the category breakdowns on the right to dive into various listings.

Search Listings

My Favorites

Select the 'My Favorites' tab to view a list of your favorite posts. You can learn more about how to add / remove listings from favorites by reading the View Listing interface article.

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