Manage Certifications

Accessing this Interface

From the 'Edit Category' portion of the Manage Certification Categories interface, select the 'Certifications' option.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to add or edit certifications to specific certification categories.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add Certification

A note about Additional Options. If you select 'Certification is Visible' you will allow the exam to be found by users in the Exam Search interface during the time the exam is active. You will set the exam start and end time in the Manage Exams interface.


Certification System

If you are going to use an external system to provide your certificate, you'll need to set the 'Certification System' option to 'External Source' and provide an 'External Certificate URL'.

Edit Certification

Add Exam

From the 'Edit Certification' portion of the interface, select the 'Exams' option to access the Manage Exams interface and create/edit exams for the selected certification.

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