Manage Game

Accessing this Interface

  1. From the Manage Team interface, double click any scheduled event to access the Manage Game interface.
  2. From the Manage Teams interface, select a team, click 'manage team', and double click any scheduled event to access the Manage Game interface.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to manage game details.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Manage Game - Basic Info

Manage Game - Advanced Info

2-11-14 Update!


Previously, if you did not select that a competition needed sanctioning during scheduling, you would have to delete the event and schedule it again. Now, there is a dropdown (see pic below) with which you can set an event's 'Sanction Approval' from 'Not Applicable' to 'Requested' without having to reschedule the event. Once a decision has been made by your sanctioning body, the area will change to either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

Manage Game - Participants Info

Remove Participants

Add Participants

Manage Game - Transportation Info

Manage Game - Contracts Info

Create new



Handle Externally



Select this option in order to tell our system that you are handling your contract externally. This removes all reminders and notifications that a contract needs to be signed.




Manage Game - Stats Info



Access the Enter Stats interface to add, remove, or edit stats.

Manage Game - History Info

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