Team Statistics

Accessing this Interface

  1. From the Manage Team interface, select the 'stats' icon.
  2. From the Manage Game interface, select the 'stats' tab.

Interface Overview

Use the Team Statistics interface to quickly navigate and review statistical summaries by season, game, or athlete. Please review our Enter Stats interface article to learn about entering a team's stats by game/event.

Interface Breakdown

There are a couple of ways to access stat summaries.

  1. From the Manage Team interface. (Accesses the 'Season Stats' and 'Season Breakdown' views)
  2. From the Manage Game interface. (Accesses the 'Match Breakdown' view)

From the Manage Team Interface

These stats will start from a Season Scope and will include information calculated from every game in which stat information has been entered. Don't worry, you can still access individual game and athlete stat information from here through the use of some handy links!

About the Screenshots


Most of these screenshots are taken from a fictional 'Stat Test' Baseball team with limited season/game/athlete stat data. Your info will be much more robust!

The first thing you see when you access this interface are season stat summaries. Depending on the sport you access this interface from, the values will be ordered in the same manner with which individual athlete stats are entered in the Enter Stats interface.

If you click the link across from the season you had selected when you entered this interface, you will arrive at a 'Season Breakdown' from which you can 'drill into' more specific stat information by following additional links.

By Game:

The 'Stats By Game' link will render a report displaying game statistics with links back to the season scope or into individual athlete stats.

Opponent Stats


Each stat category will contain a link to view the opponent's stats for the event providing the link.

By Player:

Clicking the 'Stats By Player' link will render a report displaying individual athlete stats for the game from which the link was selected. Also, you will find links at the top of the report with which you can access the 'Team Summary', 'Season Summary', and 'Team Stats By Game' stats reports.

From the Manage Game Interface

Access the 'Match Breakdown' report by selecting the 'stats' tab from the Manage Game interface.

From this report you can access links to view individual athlete stats that have been entered for the match from which this report was accessed.

Click the 'Game Summary' link to return to the previous report view. Alternatively, you can use the arrows above the report to navigate through your selections.

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