School Users & Staff

Accessing this Interface

Menu > Any School > Users & Staff > School Users & Staff

Interface Overview

The 'School Users & Staff' interface is used by schools to manage access to their school.



A user is anyone who has a username and password for the system.



As per the above-mentioned definition, all users you wish to add to your group (school, team, etc...) will have to have an account set-up with C2C in order for you to find them by searching. If you have verified they have an account, try to expand on your search in order to include more results. For example, search only by last name in order to rule out the possibility of misspelling a first name and returning no or incorrect results.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when the interface opens.

Find and Add a User

Use this portion of the interface to search for and add users to your school users & staff list. Selecting a user enables the right portion of the screen.

Assign/Remove School Permissions

Select appropriate user roles in order to allow the user access to your school.

Assign/Remove Team Permissions

You can also specify "Per Team" permissions using the "Team Permissions" tab.

Customize Contact Information

Lastly, you can also manage the contact information for your users via the "Contact Info" tab.



A user will have to Refresh Permissions to see any changes reflected in his/her menu options.

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