Roster Management

Accessing this Interface

  1. From the Manage Teams interface, select the appropriate roster from the 'Roster' icon drop-down.

Interface Overview

Each sport is provided a roster to track its athletes. The roster displays team specific information like jersey number, position, height and weight as well as certain athlete information like eligibility standing.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Note to Users:


The original 'Official Entry List' (OEL) icon

has been replaced by the Florida-Friendly 'State Entry List' (SEL) icon

for FHSAA members and the Alabama-Friendly 'Playoff Roster' (PR) icon

for AHSAA members.

Adding Athletes



Eligible Alabama school athletes must first be certified by the school Principal before they can be added to a roster.

Click the 'Add' icon to access the 'Add Athlete' portion of the interface and add athletes.

Search Options

You will need to select the 'magnifying glass (search)' icon to tell our system to produce results based on your settings.

  1. By Team - The top search option will allow you to view athletes from old rosters (minus graduates) or all school athletes.

  2. By Grade/Gender - The next level of search options allow you to search for athletes by grade and/or gender.

    The 'blank' value at the top of these search options will reset the value to none, allowing you to remove search parameters easily. Icon
  3. By First/Last Name - The final level of search options allow you to search for an athlete by first and/or last name.

Dealing With Search Results

Selecting a previous roster will display all athletes from that roster (minus graduates). To quickly add athletes from that roster to your current roster, simply check the boxes next to the names you wish to include, and select 'Add Selected' to add them to the current roster.

Click 'Finished' to exit the 'Add Athlete' portion of the interface.

Roster Details



Please be sure to enter ALL required information for your sport!!!

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