Calendar of Events

Accessing this Interface

  1. Menu > 'Your Team' > Event Management > Event Calendar
  2. From the Manage Team interface, select the 'Calendar' Icon.
  3. From the team specific information portion of the Manage Teams interface, select the 'Calendar' Icon.

Interface Overview

Our system offers you a complete and robust calendar scheduling system with which to add, edit, and manage all group events. Use this interface to quickly access and manage schedules.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Navigating the Calendar:

Select one of the direction arrows next to the 'Today' option to move the calendar backward or forward by the value of the view selected. For example, if day is selected, the calendar will advance by one day. If week is selected, the calendar will advance by a week. Etc...

Quick Date Jump View:

Calendar Views:

Day View -

Week View -

2 Week View -

Month View:

See top of article...

Event Modification Options:

Event Information:

Access the event information to view event participants, details, and even the event location and weather details (if available).

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