Manage Team

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Team' > Team Management

Interface Overview

Similar to the 'Edit Team Specifics' portion of the Manage Teams interface, the Manage Team interface offers opportunities for a user with appropriate team privileges to manage a team.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Interface Details

Interface Overview


Select the 'Calendar' icon to access the Calendar of Events interface and access scheduled events for your team.

Add Event

Select the 'Add Event' icon to access options for various interfaces needed to create events for your team.


Select the 'Roster' icon to access the Roster Management interface for current and previous rosters available for your team.


Select options here to access the Manage Coaches interface in order to manage a team's coaches (assuming you have appropriate permissions) and the Manage ECOs interface in order to manage a team's electronic clock operator(s).



The 'Team Users' option has been moved to the School Users & Staff interface.


Select options here to access interfaces necessary to create various reports about your team.


Select to access the Trophies interface and manage team trophies.


Select to access the Team Statistics interface and view / manage team statistics.


Select to define the year you wish to work with within the interface.

The 'Double Click' Option

Double click individual events to view / edit them.

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