Manage Teams

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Team Management > Manage Teams

Interface Overview

This interface is used to manage your group of teams. This interface will allow you to add, delete (set inactive), and edit teams. If you need to manage a single team at a granular level, please refer to the Manage Team interface.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add A Team

  1. Fill out the 'Add Team' form.
  2. Click 'Save'.

Edit A Team

Click the 'Logo' option to access the Team Logo interface.

Using the 'Edit Team' panel, you can quickly make changes to an existing team.

Select the 'Manage Team' option to access the Manage Team interface and directly manage that team.

Select the 'Logo' option to access the Team Logo interface and add or edit a team's logo.

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