Blog Listing

Interface Notes:

Use this interface to find a list and add, delete, or edit blogs belonging to your group.

Interface Breakdown:

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add A Blog

About 'Important News'


Blogs denoted as 'Important News' will be displayed in the 'Site News' window when any of your group members login, as well as listed in the 'Recent Blog Posts & Site News' portion of the Welcome interface. Once initially displayed in your group member's 'Site News' window, the post will not be re-displayed as new news, but will be listed as a general blog post to that user.

Edit A Blog

Possible Methods In Which To Access This Interface:

Accessing the Interface


Menu > 'Your Group' > Content Management > Blogs

Additional Interface Notes:

This information will help you determine what version of the software this article is documenting, as well as target users and required permissions needed to perform the tasks documented.

Target Groups Special Permissions Software Version Interface Info
Group Admins Content Management 2.8

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