Ways To Access This Interface:

  1. Double-click the 'Your Account' default desktop icon and select the 'Addresses Icon' on the interface.

  2. Select 'Menu' > 'Account & Personal' > 'Your Account' > 'Addresses Icon'.

Interface Notes:

Our system uses your address, principally, to determine your physical location. This helps us and those you interact with to differentiate between you and someone else who has the same first and last name. Addresses also tell us, and others, how to send mail to you or get directions to your location.

Interface Breakdown:

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Additional Interface Notes:

This information will help you determine what version of the software this article is documenting, as well as target users and required permissions needed to perform the tasks documented.

Target Groups Special Permissions Software Version Interface Info
All Users None 2.8

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