View/Edit Athlete

Accessing this Interface

With an athlete selected from the Athlete Search interface, select the 'Edit' option.

Interface Overview

This interface provides members of a Sanctioning Body with the ability to view and/or edit an athlete's detailed information.

The athlete depicted in this article is not a real person, but based on automatically generated text used for the purposes of testing. Any similarities to an actual person are coincidental and unintentional.


Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Using the tabs located just above the athlete's information, you can access the athlete's 'Basic', 'Eligibility', and 'Groups' information. You can edit many of the fields available in these views.

Basic Information View

Eligibility Information View

Groups Information View

Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses

You can also use the Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses icons located above the 'Basic', 'Eligibility', and 'Groups' tabs to open those particular interfaces and view or edit that information for an athlete.

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