State Series Passes

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Financial Management > State Series Passes

Interface Overview

Use this interface to order your Administrator / Staff / Generic State Series Passes.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

The Interface Tabs

Instructions Tab -

Use the Instructions tab to view instructions and current pricing information concerning your state series passes. Also, select the order type (new or revised) and assign a purchase order number here.

Administrators Tab -

The administrator tab displays all users that have been denoted as Principal, Assistant Principal, or an Athletic Director. You are allowed to select two (2) administrators from this tab to receive complimentary passes.


Our example group has the maximum allowed admin passes already ordered, so we will not be selecting more here.

Staff Tab -

The staff tab displays ALL users in the School Users & Staff section. You can select as many people in this portion of the interface for which you would like to purchase passes.

Generic Tab -

As stated on the instructions tab, for every five (5) passess purchased, one (1) generic pass may be ordered; up to a maximum of five (5) generic passes per group.

Order Passes

Once you've selected all your administrator, staff, and generic passes; select the 'Save & Submit' option to submit your order to the FHSAA. Once received, the FHSAA will mail your cards as well as your invoice to your group.

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