Request Money

Accessing this Interface

From the Account Summary interface, select the 'Request Money' icon.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to request money from an individual or group.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Interface Section Details

Request From

Use this drop-down to select whether the payer will be an individual or an organization.


Select an individual or association to request money from here. Select the magnifying glass icon to access the User Search interface (for individuals) or the Choose a Group interface (for organizations) to search for and select your desired individual or group.

Message For Payer (Optional)

Enter any message you wish to send to the payer here.

Invoice Form

Use this form to specify what the payer is being billed for.

Add and remove items, set prices, and set quantities by double clicking in the respective fields, or using the options built into the form.

Request Money

Select the 'Request Money' option to invoice the individual or group for the services or products specified in the invoice form.

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