Report Settings

Accessing this Interface

From the Manage Team interface, select the appropriate report from the drop-down list accessed from the Reports icon.

Interface Overview

The Report Settings interface is used to assign settings to various reports throughout the C2C system, however, the general interaction with the interface will remain similar for all reports. The goal is to use this interface to assign the various options you would like to include within the report. Depending on the type and substance of the report, these settings will be various and will always require input based on your specific needs at the specific time of the report creation. The bad news is that are too many report combinations to outline in the help documentation individually. The good news is that our system is robust enough to offer you the appropriate options for each report type and calculate and produce for you a professionally styled report based on your selections. (...and, it is easy!)

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.



This screenshot is taken from the default settings offered by selecting the 'Roster' option from the Reports drop-down within the Manage Team interface. Our system will attempt to select for you some default options based on selection type. All settings are customizable by you. We just attempt to guess what you may want for expediency.



Should you find yourself trying to deal with a portion of a report that you need more explanation about, please leave a comment below and we will create additional articles outlining your specific questions.

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