AHSAA - Playoff Roster

Accessing this Interface

From the Roster Management interface, select the (AHSAA) 'Playoff Roster (PR)' option or the (FHSAA) 'State Entry List (SEL)' option from the icon drop down.

Interface Overview

Born from the original 'Official Entry List (OEL)' interface the FHSAA 'State Entry List' and AHSAA 'Playoff Roster' interfaces work in identical ways. The only difference is the title, so find answers concerning both of these interfaces below.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

This interface offers five icons with which to use to work with a 'State Entry List', or 'Playoff Roster'.


The 'Summary' section of the interface will offer you generic information concerning the status of your group, progress, and entry division information.


If an athlete's name has been grayed out, the athlete has met the maximum number of times he/she can be added to the SEL, or PR.



Team Sports will have one (1) long list to add your athletes to. Individual Sports may have multiple tabs as well as different groups that you will add your athletes to.


The approval section of the interface is where all appropriate users will complete their required approvals.



Principal and Athletic Director approvals have to be completed from their respective accounts. Once a Principal or Athletic Director makes an approval, coaches can no longer make changes to the list. All updates will then need to made by either the Principal or Athletic Director.


List any additional instructions in the submission area.




Only Principals and Athletic Directors are able to submit the SEL or PR and will find the 'Submit' button in the bottom-left of the interface.

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