Tip - Using an Interface to Abstract Information

The Basics:

Find some items you can consider here to assist you with planning the design of your athlete import template.

Once Imported...

Your athletes will be managed in the Manage Athletes interface. The manage athletes interface can give you many clues as to information you will want to include in your import file in order to reduce the amount of manual athlete data manipulation you will encounter later.

Technical Information


Our system offers varying interface options based on 'your specific group type'. So, based on settings specified by items relating to your group and your permissions, your interface may offer items and options that vary from others. With that in mind, you can use this information to abstract information from your interfaces.

How To Start

If this is your first time importing athletes into your group, you should start by importing one (1) athlete and review that athlete's status within the Manage Athletes interface. This will provide you with any additional information you should include within your import file in order to be as efficient as possible.

Review Example

What you don't want to deal with...

'Manage Athletes' Interface Tools to Use

Basic, Advanced, and Eligibility Information

With a single athlete imported, you can cycle through these tabs in order to identify all the information you need to build a complete import template.

The Eligibility Status Icon

With an athlete selected, use this icon to review a detailed eligibility report outlining all the requirements specific to your group's athlete eligibility which should be included in your import file.

Include enough information in your import file to have your athlete's eligibility status report look more like this...

...and save a ton of time.

Final Thoughts...

Understand that you will have to enter some information manually for some athletes. For example, if an athlete hasn't supplied a birth certificate at the time of import (assuming that is a requirement of yours), you will have to update that information when he/she does submit the document. However, it will be better for you to have our system do the heavy lifting for you automatically for all the information which you have received at the time of import. Plus, you will learn that our system allows you to save your import as a template (refer to our interface article Athlete Import Wizard for that information), so setting this thing up correctly the first time will go a long way toward saving you time for each future iteration of this process.

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