View Listing

Accessing this Interface

  1. From the Community Listings interface, select a listing.
  2. From the 'Recent Community Listings' portion of the Welcome interface, select a listing.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to view details of a listing found from some iteration of the Community Listings interface.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add / Remove A Listing To / From Favorites

Learn more about favorites in the Community Listings interface article.

Use the 'Add To Favorites' option to add a listing to your list of favorites.

Use the 'Remove From Favorites' option to remove a listing from your list of favorites.

Tabs Overview

Find an overview of this interface's tabs below.


Gain insight into a user's post's location with this tab.


Interact with a listing's attachments by selecting this tab.


Add an association (optional), review, and respond to a listing's messages with this tab.

The 'Group Affiliation' Dropdown

If you are affiliated with any groups, you will find them when accessing the 'Group Affiliation' dropdown.

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