Manage Links

Accessing this Interface

From the 'Edit Site' portion of the Manage Group Sites interface, select the 'Links' option.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to set and manage links within your blogs and websites.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add a Link

  1. Set the 'Link Caption'.
  2. Choose the 'Link Area'.
  3. Select the link position.
  4. Select the 'Link Type'.
  5. Select the magnifying glass icon to access the Page Search interface and search for and select a target page.

Edit a Link

Child Links

A child link is a link that will expand from underneath one of your parent links. For example...

To create a child link:

  1. Create the page you want to link to in the Site Pages interface.

  2. Select the 'Parent' page from this Manage Links interface and select the 'Child Links' option.

  3. Select a Link Caption, Define the Link Position (should be a number greater than the parent link, but smaller than the link immediately after the parent link), link type, and search for and select a target link for the child link.

  4. Click 'Save' to create the child link and add it to your website at the position you have specified.

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