Manage Group Sites

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Content Management > Site Management

Interface Overview

The Manage Group Sites interface is where you will begin to build your group's website(s) through the use of our easy to use Content Management System. No coding required! Let's get started. If we generated a site for you, this is where you will customize the content produced from our template.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Add Site

A note about the 'Short URL'. Setting the Short URL will allow your site to be accessed by simply typing '' into the address bar of a web browser. Our system will check the short URL you choose and if it colors the field green, your short URL has been accepted and you are good to go. If the short URL you have chosen is already taken, select another and try again.

Edit Site

Once you've created a site, select the site to access the 'Edit Site' portion of the interface.

The Pages Option - Select the 'Pages' option to access the Site Pages interface and add pages to your site.

The Links Option - Select the 'Links' option to access the Manage Links interface and create links with which visitors will use to navigate through your site.

The Settings Option - Select the 'Settings' option to access the Site Settings interface and manage site settings.

The Regenerate Option - Select the 'Regenerate' option to regenerate sites based on a template.

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