Manage Community Listings

Accessing this Interface

From the Community Listings interface, select the 'Manage My Listings' option.

Interface Overview

Use this interface to manage listings created in the Community Listings system.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

When you double-click a listing, you will access another view of the Manage Community Listings interface. One that allows you to interact with a 'single-instance' of a listing previously created.

An Overview of the Manage Community Listings Tabs


The listing tab allows you access to edit an existing listing, as well as view details about the listing.


The location tab allows you to define or edit location information for your listing. You can also use the 'Find Existing' button to access the Venue Search interface and search for existing venues.


The contact tab allows you to edit the contact information for the listing.


The attachments tab allows you to view, add, edit, or remove your listing's attachments.


The replies tab allows you to view and manage replies from other users to your listing.

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