Eligibility Search

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Association' > Athlete Management > Eligibility Search

Interface Overview

Use this interface to search for athletes by custom eligibility criteria and make changes to the data that affects athlete eligibility.

You can save custom searches as a desktop shortcut for quick reference and usage. Please refer to our Desktop Shortcuts topical article for more information.

IconInterface Breakdown

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface. Your search criteria will be developed in three steps:

  1. Select a current eligibility rule.
  2. Select a comparison operator. (This list may change based on the type of rule you select.) Here is an example of what you may see. In this example, the meanings of the symbols are as follows: 'not equal to', 'equal to', 'greater than', 'greater than or equal to' , 'less than', 'less than or equal to' , 'in', and 'not in'. For more on this, please read our Custom Athlete Requirements - Variable/Condition article.
  3. Select a value to compare to your rule in the manner you have specified with your choice of comparison operator. The picture below shows an example of a search for athletes who have submitted a physical at a date less than or equal to the day this article was written. We will also include blank values, so this should return a list of everybody. I know this particular search isn't very useful in practice, but it is the proof of concept we search for here.

As you would predict, our search has returned everyone possible. Great! It worked. Now you can filter the search results by school, and/or athlete first/last name. Once you have found the particular athlete or group of athletes you are looking for, you can make changes individually to an athlete's records by selecting the athlete and adjusting the values at the bottom of the screen.

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