Custom Athlete Requirements - Overrides

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Eligibility Settings > Custom Athlete Requirements: Overrides Tab

Interface Overview

In the Overrides tab of the Custom Athlete Requirements interface, we will be overriding our Participation Fee Rule by allowing parents of our athletes to be able to commit to a number of volunteer hours in lieu of the required fee.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Volunteer Hours Commitment Rule Details

In order to explain how this works, we need to first know a little about our fictitious Volunteer Hours Commitment Rule.

Note that 'Affects Eligibility' is unchecked. This is because we simply want to allow our athletes to receive a pass on the Participation Fee Rule if the Volunteer Hours Commitment Rule requirements have been met. Having the Volunteer Hours Commitment requirements not met will have no bearing on our athletes in this example.

Our Volunteer Hours Commitment Rule's Data Type is 'Yes/No' with the pass condition set to 'Yes'. We will not allow blank values.

Our Volunteer Hours Commitment Rule applies from grade 9th to 12th and is enforced when grade type is not determined. It will also be excluded from reports.

Setting the Participation Fee Override Rule

From the Overrides Tab on our Participation Fee Rule, we default the Participation Fee Rule condition to 'Pass' when Parent Requirement 'Volunteer Hours Commitment' 'Status' is equal to 'Pass'.

So, if our athlete's parents have committed to organize a few car-washes, sell some burgers, or something similar, we waive the Participation Fee!

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