Custom Athlete Requirements - Basic Info

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Eligibility Settings > Custom Athlete Requirements: Basic Info Tab

Interface Overview

The first thing you'll want to outline during the creation of your Custom Athlete Requirements eligibility rule declaration is the basic information outlining why the rule exists, who this rule affects, and under what circumstances this rule is applicable. For this example, we will be exploring an example 'Participation Fee' rule that you might set for an athlete.


Athletes that do not meet the eligibility requirements of your school but meet those of the sanctioning body are viewed as eligible for things related to the sanctioning organization.

Interface Breakdown


Use this field to assign an abbreviation to your requirement. The Abbreviation field is what will show up on printed forms and the online eligibility sections. Each one should be unique and as short as possible. A requirement abbreviation has no impact on its functionality.

Requirement Name

Use this field to assign a name to your requirement. The Requirement Name is the actual name of the eligibility requirement. A requirements name has no impact on its functionality.


Use this field to set your requirement to either 'active' or 'inactive'.

Data Source

Use this field to assign your requirement a data source. The Data Source refers to how the eligibility requirement affects the student. There are many different types of eligibility requirements that may be imposed on students, and all known requirements can be managed through one of the listed Custom Athlete Requirements - Variable/Condition options.

Requirement Description

This is an explanation of the requirement. The explanation will be offered to users in the form of tool-tips and in-line documentation. Try to keep short and as descriptive as possible.


Check this box if the requirement, if not met, will result in an individual's inability to participate in a given activity. Leave unchecked if the individual will be able to participate in a given activity if the requirement is not met, but should be noted that the requirement remains unmet.

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