Custom Athlete Requirements - Advanced

Interface Overview

In the 'Advanced' tab of the Custom Athlete Requirements interface, we will be applying our Participation Fee Rule to our 9th to 12th grade athletes, adding a custom failure message, and setting a few rule properties. The 'Advanced' tab settings are fairly straight-forward, but we will provide some short descriptions below.

Applied from grade... grade...

Use the drop-down options to narrow the scope of who your rule will affect based on grade. Also, select the enforce rule option if you want to enforce your rule when grades aren't required or cannot be determined.

Custom Failure Message

When a requirement is not met, this custom message will be displayed. A default eligibility requirement failure message will be displayed if this box is not filled out.

Example of the custom failure message displayed in the Eligibility Status interface.

(with 'eligibility affected' option selected.)

(without 'eligibility affected' option selected.)


The restricted option means that levels beneath the owner of this requirement cannot modify the values for any particular person. Example: A sanctioning organization may make a Good Standing requirement. The sanction organization would choose the restricted option so only they can denote the status of this eligibility requirement.


Use this option to choose whether or not to include or exclude requirements in reports.

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