Content Management

Accessing this Interface

  1. From the 'Edit Page' portion of the Site Pages interface, select the 'Edit Content' option.

Interface Overview

The Content Management interface is the building ground for web pages. Add countless widgets to create the perfect page!

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Let's build a page

Design is in the eye of the beholder, so I won't spoil your creativity by trying to tell you exactly how to build your webpage. I will, however, show you how to access and use the tools you'll need. I'll also build a widget table and link articles detailing the use of those individually. I can't wait to see what you come up with once you're familiar with what tools you have!

First, select the 'Add Row' option to add an area to your site page where you can place some content.

Working with a New Row

Overview of all of those icons

Add Widget - Select the Add Widget drop-down to access the (currently) eight categories of widgets you can add to your site. We'll get into widget specifics in a bit, just know that this is where you can access them.

Remove a Row - Select the 'remove row' icon to remove a row from your page.

Position a Row - Select the green arrows to move a row's page position either up or down.

The Various Row Configurations - A single widget row isn't always what you need. Sometimes your pages will requires multiple row configurations. Don't worry! We offer you eight popular page column configurations per row. Mix and match them to build a perfect page. They are as follows:

(Percentages refer to page column width(s))

  1. One Column (100%) one widget
  2. Two Columns (50% left and 50% right) two widgets
  3. Two Columns (75% left and 25% right) two widgets
  4. Two Columns (25% left and 75% right) two widgets
  5. Two Columns (66% left and 33% right) two widgets
  6. Two Columns (33% left and 66% right) two widgets
  7. Three Columns (33% each left, center, and right) three widgets
  8. Three Columns (25% each left and right, 50% center) three widgets

Adding Page Content

Once you are happy with your page configuration, you'll need to add some widgets with which to display content. 

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