Athlete Import Wizard

Accessing this Interface

Menu > 'Your Group' > Athlete Management > Import Athletes

Interface Overview

Use this interface/wizard to import student/athlete data into the system.

Interface Breakdown

The first thing you see when you access this interface.

Acquire a Data File

Before you can upload a file, you will need to obtain a student data file in either tab delimited (.txt) , comma delimited (.csv) , or fixed width (.txt) format. These files can usually be acquired from your district, but we've found that the sources of these files vary widely from county to county and region to region, so ask your Prinicipal or County IT department where you might be able to find such files.

Some considerations you need to take into account when requesting the file:

  • The more information, the better (and less you have to manually enter!). Try to get as much student data in the file as you can, such as: First name, Last name, Birth date, Student ID, Grade, Gender, Ethnicity GPA, Date Entered 9th grade, and any additional eligibility requirements.
  • The list should be as complete as possible. You want to acquire ALL students for best results, not just a select number.
  • Ensure that you know what school year the file is from, i.e. 2012-2013, since this information will be needed by the importer.

If the only export you are able to get is an Excel file, please review instructions for converting this to the necessary format in our topical article: Converting Excel File.

Upload the Student Data File

Clicking the 'Upload' button will open an instance of the Upload File interface. Follow the link for more information concerning this interface.

When you see the File Details on the right side have been populated, click the Next button at the bottom.

Select Data Format

Most of the time, you will choose the Delimited option. However, if you have a template setup, you can click the "Existing Specification" option. Then use the drop-down arrow to select the appropriate template. The "Manage" button will allow you to manage the different templates that have been setup (delete ones you do not use anymore).

Data Format Options

If the file that you have uploaded has file headers, then be sure to check the box at the top that says "First Row Contains Field Names". If you are unsure whether or not your file has file headers, look at the sample data for file headers in the 2nd row.

Depending on what file type you have, you will need to select one of the Delimiters. Most of the time this will be either Tab or 'Comma. You want each column in the sample data be a separate field.

Click Next at the bottom when you have all of the Data Format Options set.

Assign Field Designators

The importer will do a preliminary scan of the file and grab bits of data from each column. You will then be asked to tell the importer what each highlighted column of data is in the Field Designator dropdown. If you have additional data in the file that is not needed, select "(None/Skip)" which is located at the top of the list.

Once all columns have been identified, click Next at the bottom.

Import Options

Please read these options carefully:

  • Create New Records: When checked, import operations will create new records from the import file for records that do not yet exist in the system. If left unchecked then no records will be created by the import. In most cases this checkbox should be checked.
  • Update Existing Matched Records: When checked, import operations will update records that have already been imported with new data in the import file. If left unchecked then existing records will not be updated. In most cases this checkbox should be checked.
  • Delete Existing Unmatched Records: When checked, import operations will disassociate or disable any records not found in the import file. This is useful for "graduating" students or athletes. This setting requires that import files contain your entire list of athletes every time it is run. In a majority of cases this checkbox should be left unchecked.

Once Import Options have been selected, click Next at the bottom.

Save Import Specifications as a Template (Optional)

The C2C importer allows you to save a template of all of your importer settings that you have entered in steps 4-7. If you use the same exact file with the same columns every time, you can save these settings. This setting is completely optional !

To save your template:

  1. click the "Save as a new import specification:"
  2. enter a "Specification Name:"

Once this (optional) step has been completed, click the Finish button at the bottom.

Athletes Will Be Imported

The importer will run in the upper right corner of your Member's Area and import all of the athletes in your file. You can continue working in the background.

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