Uploading a Digital Signature

The Basics:

Our system allows you to upload a signature with which you can digitally sign electronic documents. Also, you can Establish and Manage Authorized Signees who can add your signature to various documents. This topical article will walk you through the process of uploading your digital signature.

Video Walkthrough

Print and Sign the Signature Form

First, the Signature Form must be downloaded and printed out for you to sign. This is located by accessing the PDF Viewer interface. Once it has opened, hover your mouse towards the bottom of the window and click on the Printer icon. Once the document has been printed, sign the signature form in the signature box.



Do not allow your signature to touch the black lines. Try to center your signature and use as much space as you can.

Scan, Save, and Upload Your Digital Signature

Next, you will need to scan your digital signature back into your computer using one of the following file formats: .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG

In the PDF Viewer interface, click the "Upload" button located at the bottom right. This will access the Upload File interface. Create a useful and memorable "Title" for your file and click the "Browse" button to locate your signature file. Once you have located your signature file, click the "Upload" button at the bottom.

Crop Your Digital Signature

The file that you uploaded will open in the Image Cropping interface where you can view the document. Here, you will click and drag a box around your signature. Once the initial box has been made, you can drag it to the appropriate area as well as re-size the box as needed. If you would like to start over with your box, click anywhere in the grey area.



The box should not contain any of the black lines. Make the box as small as possible still getting all of the signature and not touching any of the black lines.

View Your Digital Signature

Once accepted, your Digital Signature will be displayed in the Signature Settings interface. Here you will have the option to further crop your signature, delete, and upload another signature.

Establish and Manage Authorized Signees

First, you must access the Authorized Signees interface. Here you can search for users and set them as your authorized signees. You can also remove authorized signees from your list.

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