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This section allows you to set and change your password, as well as set a security question and answer for password recovery.

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You should never share your password.

Additional Information About Password Security


C2C is by nature, a sensitive data system. Our database contains a large amount of student data that we work really hard to keep safe. Because of this, there are few things you should keep in mind.

  • We generally do not allow you to know the passwords of your staff. You manage their access and can even update certain information for them, but you cannot directly access their account.
  • You should never, ever share your password.

In the physical world, you know people by sight. You also probably carry around various forms of identification for those who do not immediately recognize you.

In our system, the only thing our system can use to tell one person from the other, is their username.. which is secured by a password.

If a user obtains the username and password for another user, they can do anything on behalf of that user, and our system would never know the difference.

This is dangerous because the person you give your password to might purposely, or even accidentally, do something that creates liability for you.

So, please don't do it, keep your password to yourself. Do not give it to a co-worker, or your boss. It is an all around bad idea. If you decide to give it out, our security systems mean absolutely nothing, and we can't help you with whatever mayhem results.

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The first thing you see when you access this interface.

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Accessing the Interface


Menu > Account & Personal > Your Account > Account Settings: Account Security Icon

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This information will help you determine what version of the software this article is documenting, as well as target users and required permissions needed to perform the tasks documented.

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All Users None Version 2.8

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