File Library

Accessing this Interface

From the Desktop:

Click the 'File Library' Icon.

From the Menu:

'Menu' > 'File Library'

Interface Overview

You can use the C2C File Library to upload, host, and view content that you would like to make available to your group's users or members, or that has been made available to you from another group.

Interface Breakdown


The library can be accessed by any user, however; only users with the following roles will have

the ability to Create/Upload folders & files:
  • Administrator (Super User)
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Athletic Director
  • Assistant/Co-Athletic Director

About the Screenshots


Images in this article are taken from a user who is 'Athletic Director' for 'Demo School K' and also specifically the head football coach for the Varsity Boys Football team for 'The K'. 'Demo School K' is a fake school that belongs to the fake 'Flagship Sanctioning Association'.

The File Library Interface

The first thing you see when you access the interface are folders you can access based on your user permissions.

Adding Content

First select a directory for a group you have appropriate permissions for.

Upload a File

Select the 'Upload File' option to access the Upload File interface and upload a file to your File Library.

Once uploaded, you should see your file in the parent directory you uploaded the file too.

Sharing Content

Once your file is uploaded, you can share it with folks who have permissions to your group, or are members of your group, by selecting the file and copying the URL of the file. Giving this URL to a user will allow them to directly access the file. Alternatively, you can share with them the directory location of the file.

Organizing Content

As your group's content gallery grows, you will definitely need to organize that content. C2C's file library allows you to do just that by creating new folders or sub-directories with which to organize your content.

Creating a Folder

Select the 'Create Folder' option.

Name the new directory and select 'OK'.

Now you have a new sub-directory with which to organize your content.

Pro Tip


You can drag and drop files from one directory to another.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know! Happy sharing!

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