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The C2C receipt printing software has been designed and tested to work with the Epson TM-T20II thermal line printer. Other Epson printers that support Microsoft's OPOS/UPOS device standard should work as well.

General Device Information

General device and setup information can be found here.


  • Internet Explorer 9+ (Latest Version Recommended)
  • Epson Printer Driver
  • Epson OPOS ADK Software

Adding the Printer and Setting the Logical Device Name

The printer must be registered with the OPOS system and assigned a Logical Device Name before it can be used by the C2C software. Use the Epson OPOS ADK software to add the printer to the POSPrinter category and assign a Logical Device Name. The Logical Device Name can be any user defined value. Once the printer has been added to the OPOS system, you can use the Logical Device Name that you assigned in the C2C software to communicate with the device.

Setting the Receipt Logo

A logo graphic can be stored on the printer and later used on receipt print-outs. Each logo stored on the printer has an associated key-code pair that is used to refer to that specific logo during printing.

You can use the TM-T20II Utility Application to store a logo and assign a key-code pair. Once the logo is stored and the key-code pair has been assigned, update the key-code fields on the C2C POS Receipt Printer devices UI to match.

Pre-optimized 1-bit Bitmap logos are available for download in the Helpful Links section below. For best results select None for Half toning when storing the logo on the printer.

Helpful Links


Error Resolution
ActiveXObject is not defined ActiveX support is required for the browser to communicate with the device. Currently, Internet Explorer is the only browser that fully supports ActiveX.
Failed to open device
Make sure the Logical Device Name provided matches what has been defined in the Epson OPOS ADK software.
Logo does not appear on receipt
Make sure the Key-Code pair provided matches what has been defined in the TM-T20II Utility Application.
Failed to claim device
Make sure the printer is connected to the computer and turned on.

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