What are "Service Subscription Packages"?

C2CSCHOOLS.com is SaaS ("Software as a Service") application that assists various organizations in and around high school and middle school activities (including athletics).

Our services are provided as a subscription that allows clients to login to the members' area and interact with the portions of the software relevant to them. This article focuses, exclusively, on schools and state associations, although C2C does offer and provide services to many other types of organizations.

In some cases, state associations (such as the "AHSAA" or "MHSAA") purchase subscriptions in bulk for all of their member schools through a state-level "Subscription Agreement". In other cases, schools can create a subscription, themselves, and pay C2C directly.

State-Level Agreements

When C2C negotiates an agreement with a state association, typically, the state will require certain software features and choose, for various reasons, that other software features are not necessary for their goals.

For the reason, above, C2C will often create a custom subscription package for them and add all of the software features that they desire and, from there, will negotiate a suitable price.

Upon successful negotiation, all of the member schools of the state association will immediately receive the custom subscription package and can begin using the software.

Upgrade Subscriptions

Because states do not, typically, want to pay for every service and feature that C2C offers, their member schools may not have access to every C2C feature that they would like to use.

In those cases, schools may create a secondary (or "upgrade") subscription, at a discounted rate, so that they can have all of the features provided by the state-level subscription agreement plus any additional features that they'd like to use.

Direct Subscriptions

Similar to "Upgrade Subscriptions", full, direct, subscriptions can also be purchased by schools. This is the only method available to schools who are not covered by a state-level subscription agreement.

Fortunately, the C2CSCHOOLS.com software was designed by and for schools and their day-to-day usage and is able to provide value to any school, with, or without, their sanctioning association's consent or participation.

High Schools, and Middle Schools, can begin using the C2CSCHOOLS.com system today by subscribing, directly, through C2C's website.

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