Subscription and Payment Instructions - Florida Unlimited Package

At C2C, it is our most sincere goal and mission to reduce your stress and workload while making your every interaction within our system as easy as possible. Acquiring subscriptions to our services is no exception. We intend to make this process as simple as possible while addressing all potential scenarios for all of our clients.

An example of some of the most common scenarios are as follows:

Scenario 1 - "I need an invoice for approval before I can pay (online or by check)." OR "I need to view my school's invoice status (unpaid or paid)."

Scenario 2 - "I can pay now (online or by check), and will need a record of payment."

Scenario 3 - "I need personal assistance during this process."



Users will need financial administrator permissions for your group in order to access financial management interfaces. Should you have any issues accessing, viewing, or purchasing any package, do not hesitate to contact us immediately via the standard methods of contact for personal support from our acclaimed support staff.

Scenario 1

"I need an invoice for approval before I can pay (online or by check)."

No problem. For your convenience, on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 at approximately 8:30 PM EST, we generated invoices in our system for every Florida High School and sent those invoices to every Florida High School administrator via email. You can download your invoice from the 'Download PDF' link in that email.

(example of section from invoice email)

You can also access a copy of your invoice in two (2) other ways.

1.1 - From Your Active Alerts

From Welcome interface, click on the Alerts icon.

Under the 'General' tab there will be an alert referencing an 'Invoice Received'. Click on the 'Details' option to access the 'View Alert' interface for more options.

The 'View Alert' interface offers two (2) options for you to view your invoice.

Option 1 - Click the 'View Details Online' option to access the 'View Invoice' page, where you can print a copy of your invoice.

Option 2 - Click the 'View Invoice' button to access the 'Invoice Details' interface and print a copy of your invoice.

1.2 - From Your Group's Account Summary Interface

Access this interface in your group's 'Financial Management' menu option.

Menu > "Your Group" > Financial Management > Account Summary

Locate your invoice and select the 'Details' option to access the 'Invoice Details' interface.

Select the 'Print' option to print a copy of your invoice.

Once you have approval, send us a check, or pay online via the methods discussed below.

Scenario 2

"I can pay now (online or by check), and will need a record of payment."

We offer a variety of ways for you to pay for your subscription, each of which will result in your invoice being marked as 'paid' in our system.

Step 1 - Access Your Invoice

Using any of the methods detailed above, access your invoice.

Step 2 - Make a Payment

There are, primarily, two (2) options to pay for your subscription.

2.1 - Send us a check.

Yes, it is that simple. Mail us a check and we'll get your account updated once we receive it.

Checks should be made payable to:

C2C Schools LLC
115 W Olympia Ave
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
Phone: (866) 222-4263

2.2 - Via The Pay Invoice Page

You can access the invoice page in one of the following ways:

If you are not logged in to your C2C Account when attempting to access the Pay Invoice Page, you will be prompted to do so.

1. Selecting the 'Make Payment' link in the invoice emailed to you.

2. Selecting the 'Make Payment' link in the 'View Alert' interface.

3. Selecting 'Make Payment' from the 'Invoice Details' interface.

On the 'Pay Invoice' page you will see the following:

  1. A table of your invoiced items.
  2. The total of your order.
  3. A form for your payment information.
  4. An option to 'View Full Invoice'.
  5. A 'Submit and Pay' option.

Once you review the items and total for accuracy, please fill out the 'Payment Information' form and select 'Submit and Pay' in order to process your order.

Scenario 3

"I need personal assistance during this process."

No problem! We are at your service.

Please contact us via any of the following standard methods of contact in order to receive fast and courteous personal assistance from our support team:

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