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Important Information Regarding C2C and the FHSAA (Nov 2016)

Luke Chavers (VP, CTO) 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 10 months ago 3

This community discussion thread was created as a place to centralize news and discourse related to the FHSAA's decision in November, 2016, to discontinue their subsidization of the C2C service fees for their member schools.

We will post important information, links, and news here, first, so please check this thread often if you'd like to stay up-to-date. You may also ask questions, below, and one of our staff will respond as quickly as possible.


C2C has launched its "Service Subscription Packages" system to facilitate direct subscriptions with schools in Florida. You can order a subscription for your school, right now. More information can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We're saving this spot for questions directly related to the FHSAA/C2C decision and how it affects C2C users. We've moved the FAQ for general questions about C2C service subscriptions, which were previous at this location, to the "Service Packages for Florida Schools" page.

More information will be posted very soon.


push more than one athlete at a time

All schools, mainly middle schools would like to be able to push more than one athlete at a time and the school that is being pushed to frequently should not have to be searched every time


Upcoming Changes to SiteMail and the Alert System

Luke Chavers (VP, CTO) 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

For the past season (or so), we've been evaluating the "Site Mail" and "Notification/Alerts" systems in the c2cschools.com members' area to see if they can be improved.

Over the next few weeks we'll be implementing a few important changes based on our findings and wanted to let our users know, ahead of time, about those changes in the hope that it will reduce or eliminate any surprises or misunderstandings.

Here's what we plan to do:

  • We will be removing most or all of the "Site Mail" sub-system
  • We will be updating how various "Send as Email" features work
  • We will be improving "Alerts" in a way that reduces clutter and promotes prioritization and filtering.

We decided to make these changes based on information we gathered from observation, analytics, and user feedback.

Here's the high points of our rationale:

  • Less than 10% of all "Site Mail" messages are ever opened by our users.
  • All Site Mail is sent out as Email, making it a redundant system
  • Less than 1% of our user base uses "Site Mail" to send messages
  • "Site Mail" is the 2nd most significant contributor to login times/speed
  • Many users have thousands of unread "Site Mail" messages
  • A high percentage of our users have very large backlogs in the "Alert" system
  • Many important "Alerts" are overlooked because they get buried in the list
  • Many users have asked us to make certain alerts "expire" after a certain period of time.

We will roll out the changes to system using an iterative approach, in order to reduce the number of bugs that we create, but we do expect at least a few minor issues because these systems are built into the core of the c2cschools.com engine. If you experience any problems, please open a support ticket and we'll work to remove any issues as quickly as possible.

You are also welcomed, and even encouraged, to provide feedback and suggestions or ask questions regarding this change, in the comments section below.

We appreciate your ongoing support and we will continue to work hard to make our software the best that it can possibly be.

Thank You,

Luke Chavers



How do you add a sport?

Bobby Galyan 2 years ago • updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 3 months ago 5

Looking to add basketball???


how to see officials history?

Robert Ortiz 2 years ago • updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 2 years ago 15

pitch count

Jason Stapp 2 weeks ago • updated by Marvin Chou (AHSAA Assistant Director) 2 weeks ago 5
I am trying to login to pitch c2cschools.com and am getting the message "Well, there's a problem...cannot read property 'username' of undefined.  Is this the site where I report pitch counts for this season?  I am using my c2cschools.com login.  Should the username and password be the same for both ?

How to change team picture on school home page

KaKa Mixon 1 month ago • updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 1 month ago 2

I need to take the clock keeper exam for basketball. Where do I find it?

Sharon Caperton 2 months ago • updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 2 months ago 5

how to load our school basketball schedule

Rhonda Corder 2 months ago • updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 1 month ago 4